Monday, 28 July 2014

How To Stay Productive...

So here's the thing my lovelies, I have a problem and it's one that gets in the way of a lot of things. I'm lazy, and laziness is one of the biggest set backs for any sort of situation. My room needs tidying, but my beds too comfy, so five more minutes turns in to 5 more hours. I need to go out and buy some stuff, well, I've got work tomorrow? I'll just go then because I can't be bothered to walk. And so on so forth I could give you an endless amount of scenarios and excuses that I have lived through in my life! But this isn't such a healthy way to live. My lazy antics prevent me from doing simple tasks a lot of the time, purely because I have the wrong attitude towards the situation. Let along the fact that I miss out on even the smallest amount of exercise that could make a big difference! So how do you stay productive when you're so lazy? Here's a few ideas that I've come up with to encourage myself a little!
Think positively towards the situation. 
A positive attitude towards a more negative situation, I find, can make a huge difference. For example you have a few chores to do, try thinking 'well the quicker I get this done, the more time I'll have after to do everything I want, without it hanging over me.' Or you have something educational you need to do like school work or a mock 'If I get this done I'll have learnt something new'. In any situation like this you can also think of your end result as a reward, or ever treat yourself once you're done with some chocolate or a huge bowl of ice cream to continue the positivity or have something to feel as if you're working towards!
Role two things into one!
When possible, team up your task and get them done quicker! Even if it's for your own pleasure, rolling a few things together can help you get more done in your day, as a result making you feel better about yourself! Need to go to the shop? Walk, then you're getting your exercise along side all the groceries you need! Need to drop something off somewhere and walk the dog? Do it on the same rout! Easy peasy! Obviously in some cases things like this may not be possible, but when it is it's all the better for you!
Never forget- Less is more.
My point here is that sometimes, a change is good. Even if it's a small one. Productivity doesn't have to be cramming a day full of a bunch of unnecessary chores and reading. For example today I haven't done a ton of things but I've still helped sort my ironing out and cleaned the bathroom, as well as finally ordering a t shirt, which is an achievement as it's something I need. (I own far to many crop tops!) Not to mention I've finally gotten around to watching Divergent and decided what to buy my friend for her birthday! You may not think it, but doing things that you actually want to and enjoy doing ARE productive. Even if it is just watching a film you haven't seen or finishing that book you've been reading for ages, it all makes a productive day!

A productive day results in a busy lifestyle and adds up to getting the most out of life! Even if it is just making a decision on a top you want to buy or getting out of bed and going for a walk. What I'm trying to say is, realising that recently my own life is one big loop of boringness most of the time, I want to change that and use my time more wisely! It's time to enjoy life and get the most of out of it! It's time to try new things as well as do lots of the old ones! It's time to be more positive and become more productive! x

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