Monday, 28 July 2014

How To Stay Productive...

So here's the thing my lovelies, I have a problem and it's one that gets in the way of a lot of things. I'm lazy, and laziness is one of the biggest set backs for any sort of situation. My room needs tidying, but my beds too comfy, so five more minutes turns in to 5 more hours. I need to go out and buy some stuff, well, I've got work tomorrow? I'll just go then because I can't be bothered to walk. And so on so forth I could give you an endless amount of scenarios and excuses that I have lived through in my life! But this isn't such a healthy way to live. My lazy antics prevent me from doing simple tasks a lot of the time, purely because I have the wrong attitude towards the situation. Let along the fact that I miss out on even the smallest amount of exercise that could make a big difference! So how do you stay productive when you're so lazy? Here's a few ideas that I've come up with to encourage myself a little!
Think positively towards the situation. 
A positive attitude towards a more negative situation, I find, can make a huge difference. For example you have a few chores to do, try thinking 'well the quicker I get this done, the more time I'll have after to do everything I want, without it hanging over me.' Or you have something educational you need to do like school work or a mock 'If I get this done I'll have learnt something new'. In any situation like this you can also think of your end result as a reward, or ever treat yourself once you're done with some chocolate or a huge bowl of ice cream to continue the positivity or have something to feel as if you're working towards!
Role two things into one!
When possible, team up your task and get them done quicker! Even if it's for your own pleasure, rolling a few things together can help you get more done in your day, as a result making you feel better about yourself! Need to go to the shop? Walk, then you're getting your exercise along side all the groceries you need! Need to drop something off somewhere and walk the dog? Do it on the same rout! Easy peasy! Obviously in some cases things like this may not be possible, but when it is it's all the better for you!
Never forget- Less is more.
My point here is that sometimes, a change is good. Even if it's a small one. Productivity doesn't have to be cramming a day full of a bunch of unnecessary chores and reading. For example today I haven't done a ton of things but I've still helped sort my ironing out and cleaned the bathroom, as well as finally ordering a t shirt, which is an achievement as it's something I need. (I own far to many crop tops!) Not to mention I've finally gotten around to watching Divergent and decided what to buy my friend for her birthday! You may not think it, but doing things that you actually want to and enjoy doing ARE productive. Even if it is just watching a film you haven't seen or finishing that book you've been reading for ages, it all makes a productive day!

A productive day results in a busy lifestyle and adds up to getting the most out of life! Even if it is just making a decision on a top you want to buy or getting out of bed and going for a walk. What I'm trying to say is, realising that recently my own life is one big loop of boringness most of the time, I want to change that and use my time more wisely! It's time to enjoy life and get the most of out of it! It's time to try new things as well as do lots of the old ones! It's time to be more positive and become more productive! x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Looking for a change!

Hello there! Yes once again it has been a while! A whole damn while that I regret not keeping on top of on my little blog here. I guess you could say I'm rubbish at commitment to motivational ideas. I seem to go through fazes of triumph and then give up on myself all the while! It's been a whole two months, oopsy! Oh well I am back for now! And feeling a little more ambitious than ever. I'm still hooked on trying to stay positive and have finally come to realise that what I need in life is some excitement. I need to actually commit to things, save and begin to succeed in order to feel great about myself. I need to nail the little goals before I aim to high then maybe I won't give up so easily! 
My first and most important goal is to become kind to myself. Take some time to look after myself. Look after my body and skin. Look after my mind and imagination. I was seriously inspired by one of Zoella's recent videos and I began to realise, I am ready for a change. I'm ready to get something out of life! So here we are! Hopefully I'll keep ontop of myself and thoughts and be back here with some updates of how I'm doing or what I'm doing to live life to it's fullest! Thank you for being so patient! 
In the mean time here's a little update on what I'm looking like these days! Not much different but I have begun to accept who I am and like myself a lot more so I guess you could say we're off to a good start! This is my little festival look I sported at our towns recent festival, it was such a lovely day and I enjoyed catching up with all my girlies! X

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Are you Jelly?

Hello lovelies! HAPPY MAY! I can't believe how quick this year is flying on by! So on Monday I made a really exciting purchase from NewLook! Some beautiful new jelly shoes! And I am in love! There's a wee kinda' story behind it all which goes a little like so. Basically Georgie and I were doing a little browsing and shopping after being at work and Georgie having her lovely new bike stolen. :-( (Really cannot trust anyone these days!) And as we were browsing around NewLook we spied these beauties sitting on the shelf along side some identical clear and sparkly ones. We were having a little nostalgia moment and thinking back to when we were little kid and used to have them to go to the beach and play in etc, and it got us all hyped up so we decided to give them a try! We spent ages prancing around and trying both different colours on, in the end we both ended up with one of each on our feet! They look pretty jazzy too! Anyway we proceeded to make the purchase together and both went for the black ones as we were just so in love with them! In all honesty I was pretty tempted to go for the sparkly ones, but this type of shoes, as it is, is very out of my comfort zone so I thought I'd play it down a little and go for something a little less in your face! However my journey does not end here! I in fact had to travel up to another NewLook (Yes we were both so desperate to get a pair!) because Georgie had found the only size 5 pair left in the town! So with a lovely phone call and a 15 minute walk I went and picked up my little babies from the retail park after they'd saved me a pair behind the counter! 
On Tuesday I had a lovely Starbucks date and catch up with a few friends, then in the evening we went to see an Amateur Dramatics group, one of my best friends performs in, show Little Shop Of Horrors (which was amazing!) and I decided to wear them out then. And I am even more in love with these amazing shoes now! They're honestly so comfy, the only problem I had was because the bottoms are so hard, after a while of walking round, it gets a little achy, but apart from that they're fab! They have a slight heal on so it gives a shorty bum like me a little height!(Weeeey!) They look great paired with some cute frilly sock and either rolled up leggings or jeans too! They're also perfect for the summery days where you can go sock free which is another advantage! I seriously just adore how cute they look on your feet! Not to mention they were an absolute bargain of £14.99! Best decision I have made this week by far! x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Regrets, Mistakes, But Memories Made.

Hello sweeties so as promised here is my more in depth explanation for why last week was pretty poop. As you know on Tuesday I had hosted a house party and began my rebellious teen phase and took advantage of the situation while my parents were away. I had been planning to have one in the summer, but as it was the Easter holidays and such lovely weather, I jumped at the opportunity. The running up days were full of excitement, few regrets and absolutely no sleep! On the Tuesday we were bouncing off the walls, running round, dancing, drinking, you name it! It was lovely, the anticipation was so great and when the evening finally hit it was such a buzz of excitement! My friends and I got ready together, had a few pre-drinks and made sure the house was in tip top shape so it gave a good impression! Soon enough it was 7:30 and people started to arrive, it was so lovely to see my house fill up and everyone have a good time. The night it's self was really chilling and good, everyone got on well, apart from one fight being all over a big miss understanding! The party was pretty much gone within a flash! It hit 12-1 am and people were all leaving and saying their goodbyes, by this point the house was pretty messy and there were cheerios all over the carpet! By 2 all but a few staying had left accept for a few lads who at the time I didn't mind so much sitting round, it's just when they began to smoke in the living room and be rude that I turned rude. Hours ticked by slowly for the rest of the night, I gave up my bed to some friends and there was no where to sleep, so I didn't at all. At about 4-5am, the lads finally decided to leave. We began to tidy a bit, but when it hit 8am we realised something odd. Things were missing. Electronics, family photos and even car keys. We found out all the photos, but none of the other missing items. This is when we began to panic. After hunting for ages I finally had to pluck up the courage to admit it and say they'd been stolen, and then find the gut to ring my parents and tell them. The rest of the day was a bit crazy for me. After ringing them I rang the police, they came out and took a statement and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and letting lock smiths in and out so they could change all the car and house locks in order to prevent any further items going missing as whoever had the cheek to steal after being allowed into our home for a good night had taken keys for all cars which also had house and garage keys on.
When my parents got home they were surprisingly calm and just went around me to sort everything out. I know they're mad and disappointed and no longer have trust in me, but if I could change what happened I would. It obviously wasn't supposed to end up like this, where people I didn't even know or invite turned up and then such valuable items were taken. But I've done all I can now to help, cleaned and tidied, asked around for help or witnesses and I'm paying them back for the locks which is a pretty pricey sacrifice.
I've spent the rest of these past few weeks being either ignored or made to clean over and over! My parents no longer have much trust for me, and are trying to stop me from doing things with my friends. This however will not be too effective. We've always had trust issues and I know they just want to protect me, but in all honesty it just pushes me further away! And I hate to admit it but I am tired of being under eye all the while, I'd like to be a little more free, to be able to stay out late and then walk home. It's really not as bad as they make out it to be.
However I do not regret having the party as it in it's self was a fab night. I've received so many compliments on it which is really warming and it gives you such a buzz and sense of freedom. Although if any of you lovelies plan to have a party, I'd advise that you consider these aspects!

  • Remove all valuables/ breakables possible.
  • Keep the guest list to people you know, try not to be to lovely on letting people bring friends (this is particularly where I made a mistake!)
  • Provide paper/ plastic cups! If you don't people will go rummaging for glasses or mugs, causing more things to get broken or misplaced! 
  • Stay aware of what is around you and who is doing what! Although you think you can trust people, there are some sneaky ones out there! 
  • Remember to enjoy your night! Don't let the odd idiot ruin it, just don't let something suspicious slip your mind!
  • Take plenty of selfies with all your guests! I FORGOT TO DO THIS :-( This could also help identify strangers if there were to be a problem!
So there we have it, my little update for you all! Sorry it's more of a talk at you! And sorry there are no snaps, I completely forgot to take any photos, as always! See you soon lovelies! x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lazy Easter Days!

  Hello Lovelies! Happy Easter to you all! So as you can see I've been having a little bit of a lazy Easter weekend! I've spent the past three days helping around the house and lazing in my room enjoying some music, blogging and catching up with all my favourite Youtubers! I thought I'd share a little snippet of it all with you lovely blog-aholics as I just felt so inspired by some of the energy Hannah Maggs has been putting into her videos! I just had such an urge to share some of my life with you all! So this Easter I haven't really done anything special, I wish I sort of had, but it's been nice to have some time to myself after the manic week I've had! (I will have a post soon on what I got up to and how my week took a turn for the worst!) Anyway so today I decided to give my room a little tidy and I found all the chocolates and treats that I had been given for Easter made my room look cluttered and messy and having Easter egg boxes sitting round looked pretty untidy, but then a 'genius' idea hit me. As now days you get a cardboard 'basket' in the boxes to hold the eggs I decided to use one as a little treat tray. Now all my left over treats and chocolate sits neatly and all together in the tray on my dressing table! Yay for tidy recycling! I know at some point I will probably move it to elsewhere in my room but for now it's a good compromise and there's still plenty of space for me to do my make up and hair. :-) 
Anyway that's pretty much it for my bank holiday weekend! I hope you've all had a lovely Easter and were spoiled with plenty of treats! x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A birthday meal outing

  Good evening lovelies! So today is my Dad's birthday and we're going out for a meal so I decided to put a little effort into my hair and make up for once as I have become a little lazy with it all! I also took it as an opportunity to have a little experimentation session as on Tuesday I am hosting a house party and up until today was stuck for how to style my hair! Okay so first of all I took some inspiration from the lovely Youtuber Tanya Burr after watching her beach look hair tutorial the other day (I am literally addicted to Youtube!) I took a curling wand and picked random sections of my hair, curling them at different heights and lengths and I then simply brushed it through after with a comb. As my hair is already naturally curly/ wavy, for me to add some extra in just gives it a little more bounce and a more prominent look. I haven't got any hairspray as I ran out so I am super happy that it is all holding in pretty well! I really adore this look as although it looks a little messy, it has more of a natural feel and doesn't look too over dressy, which is perfect for a smart- casual dress code! 
Okay so onto the make up. First of all I applied all the usual day to day, tea tree oil on any blemishes, (I have had an awful break out and am hoping the all hurry up and leave before tuesday!) primer, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer and ta-da the face is done. I don't like to go to overboard and layer it up too much because of how unpredictable my skin can be! I then quickly and pretty roughly filled my eyebrows in as you can barley see them under my fringe, and finally onto the eyes. This is the area I have taken most time to work on! Using the sleek i-Divine au naturel palette, I first of all used the shade cappuccino as a base layer. I then added a hazely/ greeny colour the the outer edge inwards to the middle in the shade moss and blended. I then finally added a darker browny/ hazely colour called mineral earth to the outer edges, across the lid line and in the crease, again blending it all in. And after a few touch ups and alterations and a flick of mascara I was done! I really love this Sleek palette, it's only recently I have begun to wear eye shadows again and I'm not entirely sure why I didn't venture into the world of them before!
And to finish off the smart/ causal look, a cropped polka-dot blouse from Primark, Topshops black Joni jeans and a pair of healed boots from New Look. Ta-da! Ready to go! See you soon sweeties! x

Friday, 11 April 2014

Guess Who's Back?

Hello Sweeties! So so so so so much has been going on in my life right now and I'm just going to come out and say it, I am a quitter. I gave up on the Youtube channel as I just don't have the sufficient time or equipment to carry on with that right now, maybe I'll start it up again in a few years? Who knows?! But for the mean time I've decided to continue to use my blog as a little something to work on and share!
So first of all notice the big changes! Yay! I finally found a cute theme/ template to use to make it look pretty, summery and all in general cute. I love bunting, and although I'd usually go for a florally, pinky, girly look, one of which is pretty plain and minimalist, I feel this is a fresher modern look which I really love! I've decided to branch out a little from my simple themes that I stick to with both my tumblr's ( & and go for a newer look to mark the re-birth (that sounds like such a silly way to put it!) of my blogger.
I'm super duper excited to begin this a something a little fresher and I hope that over time I can capture the eyes of many and spread a little inspiration around! See you soon lovelies! x

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Clean!

Hello lovelies! Oh how I have been so bad at this two posts a week! I once again apologise! I was going to post about my pancakes the other day but I completely forgot! Anyway today I thought I'd show you one of my little arty snaps I took to fit my rosy tumblr. This morning and on Sunday I've spent my time giving my bedroom a little spring clean, so it is currently looking a lot tidier than usual! I felt like it needed brightening up a little with some colour as spring has finally hit us! And then it hit me! What better a way than to go and pick some daffodils from the garden! So that is exactly what I did.  I popped them in a simple glass vase, thanks momma, (She doesn't yet know I borrowed it!) and placed them on my little dressing table. And I have to say, it brightens it up so much! I'm really loving my bedroom at the moment! I'm currently saving for a shelf that matches my the dressing table and bedside stand, but it is a little pricey for what it is so I'm holding back for a little while as there are so so many other things I need to purchase! I'm saving for a car and I also need to reboot my wardrobe with some spring/ summer clothing! Anyway I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and hopefully it'll stay like this up till summer now! Have a lovely days sweeties! x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Adventuring with GG!

Happy Sunday Lovelies! So this weekend we have had some absolutely gorgeous weather and has been one of the best for a while. (Even if I did work both days!) On Saturday evening I took a lovely little late night walk up the beacon at the edge of town and had a picnic, accompanied by several blankets, some wonderful friends and an absolutely stunning view, which I unfortunately was unable to capture a decent image of, so I'll try my best to explain it because it was breathtaking. Imagine being on a hill higher than town, walking up you are facing a silhouette of a small wood, being able to see it from end to end. Once 3 quarters of the way up you take out your blankets, set them down and take place, turning around to see a town from above, full of so many colours, lights, streets, houses all glowing with the warmth of a spring evening. It honestly was something. It was also so peaceful. Deadly quiet, except for the odd sheep or a truck horn every now and again. It was pretty magical and we sat for hours, till the early morning, chilling out, eating goodies and snuggled in our blankets talking about anything and everything.
As for today, I spent most of the day working, but once that was over Georgie and I made an irrational decision to go on a wee walk around the countryside. We adventured round lanes and fields, villages and woods, finally settling in the little woods at an area someone had used for a camp site for a little while to take a break. These are just a few photos of the stunning views we came across and some little horsey hoof prints! x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Let's Go Bananas!

Hello Lovelies! So today I baked a cake as it's my moms birthday tomorrow and I thought I'd just show you all the out come! It looks a little messy as I hopeless with this sort of icing, but I quite like the way it runs down the sides, gives it more of a home made feel! I used the BBC Good Food (Click to take a peek!) recipe and then simply iced and decorated with sprinkles and a little flag! (Aren't I hilarious!) It's so tempting to slice into it now and give it a taste! This is the only think with baking big cakes instead of cupcakes, you can't do a sneaky sample! Oh well, I guess we shall find out tomorrow whether it truly is something to go bananas about! I also attempted to make a little bunting which I did intend to go across the cake, but after I'd done it I discovered I'd make it too long and it seemed like such a waste to just scrap it so instead I thought it made a rather pretty little decoration to just sit around on the cake stand! So there we go, there's a little birthday cake and a few decoration ideas, which by the way are easy peasy to create! If you take a look back through my blog posts you'll find a gift I made, which was a jar of sweets, and there you can see how I made the bunting! See you soon sweeties! x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rimmel Bargains and Elle Magazine

Hello lovelies! So today I intended to put up a bloopers video for my valentines special, but I seem to have lost all of my footage and the video I had edited so now I can't! (boo) :-( Anyway to make up for the loss I thought I'd do a little post on what I go up to today! To start the day off I ended up sweeping back yard and clearing away all the leavers, however it was a little windy so it took so much longer than expected, with a visits from little wriggling worms and scurrying beetles on the way, it slowed the process down even more! However when I'd finally managed to do all of that I ended up having a right good clean in my room and re-arranging my little ornament shelf. The dusting on that was well overdue! 
This afternoon I took another trip to the retail park, only this time with my mom. We seemed to be there ages, and there was rails and rails of pretty clothes, shoes and bags, but I just wasn't in the mood to try much on so I ended up not picking anything up that's wearable. However I did get a wonderful bargain on some Rimmel products! They're on 3 for 2 right now in boots! So I picked up some new foundation, which is the Match Perfection, ivory. I didn't want to go super super porcelain pale, but my skin is pretty milk bottle right now, so I went one up. I've seen the likes of Lily Pebbles mention this in some of her videos so I thought I'd give it ago for myself! I also picked up some of the Stay Matte Primer to try out. I haven't yet seen any reviews on it but it seems like a pretty trusting product to me. I like that you can use it alone, under your make up, or on top! It'll be handy for travelling or if I ever forget my powder as I get quite oily skin. The final thing I picked up was my little free-bee, that being the Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Pink Blossom. Yet again so many people have recommended this so I thought I'd give it a go!
The other things, as you can see from the little picture, that I picked up while out include some Kinder chocolate, Yankee tarts and Elle magazine. It's a big hefty one this month so it's going to last me a good week or so to read and gander through. I thought as I didn't pick up any clothes I'd treat myself to one of those instead. And also as it have a 25% off Kurt Geiger voucher I've allowed myself to have a little peek at the website and have found a gorgeous purse that I shall most likely purchase at some point! Happy days! Hope you've all had a lovely day! x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Let's Talk Brushes!

All right then lovelies! So obviously one of the make up bag essentials has to be brushes! And I know many people have different views on what brushes they use and where, so here's my every day make up selection! 
I try to keep it to a minimum as I'm a bit of a worrier and find myself lugging my make up bag accompanied by my brushes EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. This morning I went to the dentist, and yes, there they all were, in my bag. Anyway, I have narrowed my everyday look down to 5 brushes. 
Lets start with the Real Techniques shall we? Okay so I have a set of four of these brushes, but I only tend to use these two the most. They are, of course the Buffing brush and the Contour brush. The other's that come in this set are a Detailer brush and a Pointed Foundation brush, but I tend to leave these ones at home as I find I don't use them as much. Anyway, I'm a bit of a handie gal when it comes to putting foundation on, I'm forever in a rush so I find it easier to put it on with my hands and then use the Buffing brush to smooth everything over and blend it all nicely. However, when I tend to wear blush I will also use this brush (after washing it through of course!) to apply the blush. I then obviously use the Contour brush for my bronzer and contouring my cheeks. I'd really recommend these brushes! They're all so soft and they're such good quality, I'm sure they shall last me for ages! (Yes they are a little on the expensive side for 'what they are' but if you're looking for something long lasting and good quality then they are definitely worth it!) It's also handy that when buying the sets they come in carry cases, meaning I can keep them all upright and together!
Moving on, you will see three other brushes above. These are more of a drug store option, for those who don't wish to spend as much money. These particular brushes are all from the brand Seventeen. I got them in a set I bought in the sales after Christmas and they're a pretty darn good. Here you'll see an Angle brush, a Straight Edge brush and a Blending brush. I tend to use the Angle brush to fill in my brows and then the Straight Edge to apply eye shadow, which I then blend with the Blending brush. Pretty simple huh?! But anyway, I really like these brushes and as you can see they're apart of my everyday collection that I use and they're lasting well for 'cheaper' brushes! I'm not completely sure if you can buy these as just a set but I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar for a decent price! They're also good to slip into the Real Techniques case which is handy for traveling!
You'll notice that in the top centre picture there is a bottle of baby shampoo. I find there is nothing more satisfying than a good set of nice sparkling clean brushes! You can pick up a bottle of it for around a £1, maybe even less in some places and it works wonders! It gets them all nice and clean in seconds while washing, making it a simple, easy task! There really is nothing to it, to was 5 brushes it literally takes 2 minutes, give them a quick dry and you're done, so I'd really recommend getting yourselves a wee bottle of that to keep away any unwanted bacteria build up!
And there you have it guys, my 5 main brushes and how I clean them! If you're out looking for some better quality brushes or some new ones that aren't too expensive I'd keep your eyes peeled for this little selection! See you soon lovelies! x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Hey lovelies so I haven't been to great with remembering to blog recently! Sorry! (Naughty me!) But anyway a number one aim, as of today, is to do at least two blog posts a week! But hopefully I can cram a little more than that in! So I shall kick start my blog posting with a little update on my bedroom! 
As you all know/ will have seen from my previous blog posts, I recently got some new bedroom furniture, and at that point had ordered a new bed! After having to sit and look at it all boxed up on the landing for three long days, we finally got around to putting it up! YAY! I'm super super excited to be able to completely SPREAD OUT while sleeping tonight!  Here's a little peak!  So anyway, as you can see from the laptop and my planning pukka, tonight I am going to be working on some exciting plans for videos and posts for you guys! (Woop!) I'm also going to be editing my 50 Facts About Me! Video, which shall be going up tomorrow! And after all that late posting I hope to get it up a little earlier this week! So there we are, a little into my Monday night fun! I think I shall stick on one of my favourite DVD's to get me going! (SHREK MARATHON!) See you soon sweeties! x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hello lovelies!
So today I thought I'd just share with you some of my deep thoughts and realisations I've been having. I've been having a few new/ exciting ideas for new videos I could do and I've begun to think a little deeper into how I can be more useful to all of you lovely views, but also add my own personal twist to it. I'm thinking of doing a series of videos maybe called something like 'Chats with Kate' over a few weeks or every other week or something and basically in them I will talk about my goals, down times, how I've over come things, relationships possibly and a whole bunch of other things that people generally seek knowledge or advice for, but they never teach in school. (I wish they did!) Yeah I'm no expert! But I always like to think knowing a little on a subject is better than not knowing anything at all!
I'm generally a very unmotivated, lazy, awkward person who myself takes any advice they can get from those around them. I've been through a few rough patches, of which I'm sure to share in order to help others in this little series, I get upset, angry and annoyed at silly things. But today I had a little thinking session. I decided to write my self a 'To Do.' list. However, this is not your ordinary list of jobs and chores that need doing. This, for me personally, is a list of Goals in which I aspire to achieve in order to be a more positive, happy and prepared person. I am absolutely terrified of the future (I have NO idea what I want to do/ be!) and considering I'm at the age where people expect you to know or have ideas of how you want to spend the rest of your life, it's all very daunting. But hopefully, with motivation and encouragement I will be able to overcome fears and be as prepared as I can be.
Some things featured on my list include: To STOP over thinking EVERY situation! Whether it be a relationship situation or whether or not I did the right thing on a piece of work, I am forever over thinking and worrying. I seriously need to teach myself to stop this!
To start and SAVE MONEY! This, no doubt, is going to be so so tricky! (AAAHH!) I cannot save for toffee! Even if there's something I really want, I can't hold on to the pennies and I'm never completely sure where they float off too! I need to Begin to compromise, think 'Do I REALLY need this?!' and through this process start to possibly even put the money I would have spent on that packet of Mini Eggs or bottle of juice into a jar to help me save!
These are literally a couple of my big list! But as I suggested I am rather set on a series about my goals and advice so I think for now I shall save the rest and they you'll be able to see them feature in my upcoming videos! (Sneaky I know! SORRY!) So there we are!
Upcoming I've also got some videos planned with my best fried Georgie, I'd love to introduce her to my channel and hopefully you'll enjoy the little collabs we're planning! Thank you for visiting my blog, go and check out my wee YouTube channel!  (Linked in the sidebar) x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A quick thank you gift!

Orla decided to give a helping hand!
Or should I saw paw?
 Hey there lovelies! 
So to thank my mom and dad for paying for all the furniture I decided to get a little crafty and make them a little jar full of old time sweeties! I popped to a local store in town and picked up everything I needed. I thought I'd do a little step by step of what I did so you can all have a go for yourselves if you wish! :-) It's easy peasy lemon squeezy and also a simple, quick and cheap gift for those who are pushed for time or money. All you'll need is a jar, some sweets of your choosing, ribbons or string, coloured/ patterned card or paper and a sprinkling of your creative imagination! You can do it however you wish, but here's how I did it!

Step 1: Fill the jar with your chosen
yummy sweets!
Step 2: To make bunting, cut out small triangles
from your chose paper and take your string
or ribbon, cut enough ribbon to fit around
the jar.

Step 3: Stick your triangles on to the string
using sticky tape. (Fold it over the top of the
triangle and stick the string to the back.)
Once finished attach to the jar however
you wish.
Step 4: write a cute label to list what is in the
 jar. You can also write a little tag for the
 person the gift is going to, then attach
to the jar.

Tada! There you have it! I tied a bow around the top also.